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Продам iPad 3 (розница/опт) , vitalykogan [собака] gmail.com


Okay I have a Silver Motorola Razr V3, from T-mobile, and it's my best friend. :)

But I've noticed a little problem, I left it charging one time, and it says "charge complete", so i unplug it from the cable and my phone died. I hold the red button to turn it on, but it never turns on (after holding it for 20 seconds)

So I decided to plug it back into the charger, and it says "charging battery..." after 15 mins or something, it says "charge complete" and the madness begins all over again?

Before it used to say "Invalid battery" but it worked after a while. Now it's doing it again, and I don't know what's wrong with it? Any ideas/suggestions?

Oh, and one more thing, how do I use bluetooth? I know I have to pay for it, which is fine.

THANKSSSSS I love you people.

Okay, guys... I'm having a BITCH of a time trying to sync my RAZR with my PC. I want to get these pictures off of my phone. I have Motorola Mobile Phone tools. How do I do this? It won't read my phone!

Someone walk me through it.

aberdeen [userpic]

hey there! i'm new to the community/slow on the razr v3c bandwagon and i just got mine a couple of weeks ago through verizon wireless. i have a quick (and probably frequently asked/dumb question):

how can i get the photos i take with the camera phone onto my computer? i was told to send a picture message to my e mail, and i tried that, but i never received anything. any advice at all would be great, thanks!

Captain Obvious [userpic]

Hi, I'm new. This is my first post in here. I'm going to get a new RAZR in about a month, give or take a week or two. I'm on cingular and i'm getting a real upgrade, i have an motorola v220 and i'm tired of it, haven't even had it a year, but that's the way it is with me. i'm 16 so i think i deserve a great phone. and i want to get it but i wanna know a lot about the phone before i get it. so i hope people will comment to this post. okay, first question:
1.can you put actual songs on it?
2.do you need a program on your computer to put the songs on there?
3.is it all cut out to be what it is?
4.is it a strong phone, not break easily?
and last...
5.does the battery last a long time?

i would appreciate it if someone could help me with these things?

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...... [userpic]

Hey Guys, I just got my RAZR from Verizon a couple weeks back and noticed righ taway that there was a problem with the clock. It got frozen and didnt show the correct time until you went to the menu and then exited so i took it back and they gave me a new one but this one has the same problem. did anyone else have trouble with this? any advice?
THank yoU!

Lonely Boy, jojo [userpic]

hi does any one know the program that lets you put you mp3s on yo razr??

The Sexican v. 7.1.0 [userpic]

Finally got my stupid razr unlocked. I totally recommend these people. Their services were affordable and quick, and my razr is working good as new.

Although I figured that since the razr had a little window outside the phone, when someone called, their picture would show up. Ah well. You can't have everything, eh?

I do have a question though. My MMS thing isn't really working. It could be 'cause I'm in France, and perhaps I have to sign up to send pix through their network, but how do you send pictures through your razr?

sfguamgirl [userpic]

Hi, I just got my new V3 and I am confused as to how I'm supposed to sync my current Outlook contacts into my phone? It was sooo easy with my Nokia. :P

So I bought a Cingular data cable but the software they tell me to download on the package doesn't seem like it will do this job. :confused: Is there a cut and dry way to do this? I want something that will pull my current Outlook contacts, not just manage the contacts saved on my SIM card/phone.


Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

If you are earing your hair out trying to geta GPRS data connection to the internet on your RAZR via Bluetooth, on either a laptop or a PDA, you're not alone. I recently had to wrangle with this issue. And after much studying, consulting with others, and hair-pulling, I've come to the conclusion that it is virtually impossible to set these connections up manually. Fortunately a company named BVRP has two programs that can help you out in this.

For PC laptops, Mobile PhoneTools (includes a data cable) for $59.90 or Mobile PhoneTools without a cable (if you already have one or you use Bluetooth) for $39.90 will set up your phone for GPRS connectivity with the greatest of ease. Plus it does other stuff like let you transfer ringtones and other data to and from the phone.

For Windows Mobile (CE, Pocket PC, etc.) PDA's, GPRS Manager serves a similar purpose, without the extra ringtone, etc. transfer (i.e. this program only sets up GPRS connections). But it's also cheaper, at $14.90 USD.

If you have a Palm or a Mac, you're out of luck, I don't know any programs for these architectures. Try using the "default" method of setting up a connection. And let me know here whether that worked or not.

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