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Hey Guys, I just got my RAZR from Verizon a couple weeks back and noticed righ taway that there was a problem with the clock. It got frozen and didnt show the correct time until you went to the menu and then exited so i took it back and they gave me a new one but this one has the same problem. did anyone else have trouble with this? any advice?
THank yoU!

No problems here, but I'm not a Verizon user

I've not had any problems; however my phone was purchased unlocked from an online cell phone shop, and I "flashed" it with the TMobile software when TMobile started offering RAZRs (I bought mine before TMobile started carrying it). I've heard from several people on Cingular and TMobile who bought official Cingular/TMobile branded RAZRs and they don't have any clock problems either. Maybe it's a problem with the Verizon firmware? You might want to ask your Verizon rep if they can flash upgrade your phone to the latest firmware. If you're feeling brave, you can try upgrading it yourself, but you'll need the USB cable as well as the flash tools (info on how to do this as well as the tools and firmware files you need to do this are available at the websites listed on the links sidebar). Be warned tho that you can seriously mess up your phone if something goes wrong. Best to check with Verizon first.