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The Black RAZR

Hi, I'm new. This is my first post in here. I'm going to get a new RAZR in about a month, give or take a week or two. I'm on cingular and i'm getting a real upgrade, i have an motorola v220 and i'm tired of it, haven't even had it a year, but that's the way it is with me. i'm 16 so i think i deserve a great phone. and i want to get it but i wanna know a lot about the phone before i get it. so i hope people will comment to this post. okay, first question:
1.can you put actual songs on it?
2.do you need a program on your computer to put the songs on there?
3.is it all cut out to be what it is?
4.is it a strong phone, not break easily?
and last...
5.does the battery last a long time?

i would appreciate it if someone could help me with these things?

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(Hopefully) helpful answers

Sorry it took so long for me to reply; things have been real busy and we were also out of town last weekend.

The RAZR is a great phone - I've had mine since June of last year, and it has given me absolutely no trouble. I've even dropped it a few times and it just keeps on going. I've owned many cell phones so far and I'd have to say that the RAZR is the best of them.

The phone does support MP3 playback for ringtones, so you can put short clips of Mp3's on it to use as ringtones; but the phone does not have a "real" MP3 player on it. There's a new phone coming out "soon" (was due out by holidays 2005, so it should be pretty soon now) called the RAZR V3i that contains a real MP3 player that you can load from the computer; for more details on this phone see this Motorola web page.

The phone comes with a USB cable and the Motorola Phone Tools software, which allows you to manage phonebook entries as well as transfer background images (wallpapers), MP3 ringtones, etc. to the phone. You can also transfer items to/from the phone using Bluetooth, if your computer has that.

As I said before, the phone itself is pretty sturdy. I usually carry it in my back pocket and I regularly sit down without removing it from my pocket. I have also dropped it a few times, and aside from a few scratches on the case (from dropping it on hard scratchy surfaces like concrete), everything works perfectly.

The call quality is excellent; I can clearly hear who I'm talking to, and they can hear me perfectly too. The speakerphone is also of high quality; I regularly use it for handling tech support calls (since it is difficult to type and hold a phone to my ear at the same time). Reception is generally pretty good; I regularly get at least 3 bars while inside our computer lab, whereas with my previous phones (Motorola V600 and a Sony-Ericsson T610) would often have dropouts when using it in the lab or elsewhere in the office.

As far as battery life goes, Motorola quotes talk time of over 6 hours and stand-by time of over 10 days. Typically I usually have to recharge mine every 3 or 4 days. I can go away for a weekend without bringing my charger, and still have enough battery life to use the phone on Monday when I get back in to work. Of course, using some of the phone's extra features (camera, Bluetooth, etc.) can further drain the battery; ever since I equipped my computer with Bluetooth, I've kept Bluetooth turned "on" in my phone and now I usually have to charge it every other day.

I hope this has helped answer your questions. Let me know if you have more.

Re: (Hopefully) helpful answers

omg thank you. you have no idea how much that helped me. and thank you for the tip on the v3i. i think i'm gonna wait until that one comes out and buy that one. of course it will be much more, but who cares, i need a new phone, and it's a really good! i praise you! plus i really like the black RAZR, but i like the look of this new one so much better! thank you!

Re: (Hopefully) helpful answers

What do you mean by real mp3 player? I just got a razr v3c and I can make playlists and everything on it.

Re: (Hopefully) helpful answers

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the v3c. I have a plain old RAZR V3, no suffix. I just checked the spec sheet and it does indeed (according to the spec sheet) have a MP3 player. What I didn't see on the spec sheet is whether it outputs in stereo or mono. Also the V3c is limited to the amount of memory it has, so you can only store so many songs on it. The forthcoming V3i offers both stereo output as well as memory expandability (by way of a MicroSD card slot integrated into the phone).

Re: (Hopefully) helpful answers

I don't know if it's stereo or mono...I use my ipod to listen to music :D