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Okay I have a Silver Motorola Razr V3, from T-mobile, and it's my best friend. :)

But I've noticed a little problem, I left it charging one time, and it says "charge complete", so i unplug it from the cable and my phone died. I hold the red button to turn it on, but it never turns on (after holding it for 20 seconds)

So I decided to plug it back into the charger, and it says "charging battery..." after 15 mins or something, it says "charge complete" and the madness begins all over again?

Before it used to say "Invalid battery" but it worked after a while. Now it's doing it again, and I don't know what's wrong with it? Any ideas/suggestions?

Oh, and one more thing, how do I use bluetooth? I know I have to pay for it, which is fine.

THANKSSSSS I love you people.