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Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

Some background information:

There is a big community of Motorola phone "modders" out there, that have brought many innovations to the Motorola phone enthusiasts community. However, their efforts have been stynmied by the fact that Motorola phones have a 1024-bit encryption key that must be present in any files to be flashed on the phone. Since this key is not (yet) known to anyone outside of Motorola, the best that we can do right now is modify flash files that have been generated by Motorola. They cannot generate their own custom flash files without the encrypted key.

If the modding community had the power to generate their own flash files, the possibilities for adding features and customizations are limitless. With the Motorola firmware, you can only enable features that Motorola actually programmed. With custom firmwares, the Motorola community could write any sort of code to perform any functionality whatsoever. The possibilities are limitless.

So what is needed is to "break" the encryption on the Motorola firmware file. To do this requires a great deal of computing horsepower. One approach is to harness the idle computing cycles of computers around the world, in a process known as "distributed computing." If you are familiar with the SETI@Home or Folding@home projects, then you are already familiar with the concepts of distributed computing.

Basically, this involves running a small program on your computer. When your computer is "idle" (i.e. you are not using it), it will process data sent to it by a central server, then upload the results back to the server. The amount of network traffic is minimal.

I, as well as many upstanding members of the Motorola modding community, have checked into this and it is legitimate. There is NO spyware or adware or viruses or Trojans in this code. If you wish, you can inspect it yourself - the source code is provided.

To find out more about this project, or to join it, see the MotoModders thread at:


We need your help!

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Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

Well, it's official: T-Mobile is now selling the Motorola RAZR V3 Silver, as of Monday 07/11/05.

For those of you who bought unlocked RAZR's and are T-Mobile users, you can now flash-upgrade your RAZR to the official T-Mobile version (with all the T-Mobile customizations, etc.).

Download it at:

The file you want is the first one on the list, "9AR_GSMV3MXTMB01NA0A5_flexlash_MOTOX.rar"

You will need the Motorola PST Tools in order to flash this image. See the links to the left to find out where to get this.

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Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

Here is a collection of useful SEEM edits. I'll be adding to this as I discvoer more.

SEEM 004a_0001, offset 80: bit 0: Off (Dashes in phone number, US-style, e.g. 123-456-7890); On (No dashes, Euro style)

seem 0032_0001
offset 3D-bit 1: SMS delivery reports (1 on, 0 off)
offset 3E-bit 4: for purposes of linking name in phonebook with caller ID number, xxx-xxxx = xxx-xxx-xxxx = 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx = +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx (0 on, 1 off)
offset 40-bit 6: SMS storage (0 for phone, 1 for SIM)

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Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

As I discover new and useful key combinations/secret keys, I'll update this post with them.

*#9999# - shows the version # of your phone's firmware and the hardware version of the phone

Turn on phone while holding down * and # - boot into the Bootloader. Shows the version of the bootloader and the phone's firmware. If you're running with a full battery, it will also allow you to Flash upgrade the firmware if you have a USB cable connected to your computer as well as the flashing software.

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Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

I'll be futzing around with the styles/colors on this blog over the next few days. Gonna try and set up something a bit more eye-pleasing, as well as (more importantly) adding a Links section to showcase some of the extremely useful RAZR-related sites I've found on the net. Please excuse the constant changes, hopefully I'll be able to settle with something that works fairly soonish.

Update: This looks good, at least for now. Watch the "Links" box - I'll be adding some really good RAZR resources links over the next few days.

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tom the music industry! [userpic]

I just got my RAZR and it's the freaking best. this is the first official 'nice' phone I've ever owned. (my old phone was a v120e...total dinosaur.)

anyway, I'm a total amateur when it comes to configuring these newer phone's internet settings and what not, soooo the question is: is there anyway I can post LJ entries using the RAZR? cause that would just be the best ever. especially if I could use pictures from the phone. it'd be a total mobile LJ solution. I have a comcast account, but I haven't figured out how to get it to work on my phone...if at all?

any help is appreciated.

ps-iTap is definitely better than T9word

Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

Word is that T-Mobile will soon be introducing their own branded version of the RAZR v3 Silver. All set up out of the box to work with t-zones (WAP), Picture Messaging (MMS), T-Mobile Internet/VPN, all those goodies. Just add SIM card. I'm hearing a release date of July 11 for this. Dunno if it'll be rolled out nationwide or only in select cities/markets at first.

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Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

Just got a brand new, unlocked RAZR v3 (unbranded, factory direct from Motorola, appears to be designed for the Asian market [China? Hong Kong? Taiwan?]) from TigerDirect. It's taken some effort and some hair-pulling, but I've finally got it more or less working fully with my T-Mobile (US, southern California) service -- t-zones, SMS, and MMS (Picture Messaging). As soon as I have some time to collect my thoughts and my notes, I'll post all the steps I needed to take in order to get thi to work.

In the meantime, you can check out my thread on the subject at HowardForum. This is an excellent forum about mobile phones and carriers in general, so checking out the rest of the site is also a good thing.

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Donald Burr of Borg [userpic]

Welcome to this new community! I set this up for those people who own or are enthusiastic about the hot new Motorola RAZR cell phones. Anyone is welcome to post here. Feel free to chat, post your latest hacks/modifications you did on the phone, or ask questions. (If asking a question, be sure and specify as much information as possible on your particular phone's model as well as your cellular carrier and what city/state/country you use it in.) I hope you enjoy your time here, and once again, welcome to the community!

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